Cloud Server Hosting

15+ Yrs. Hosting for Small Business and Teams

Simple Cloud

Access Windows Applications in the Cloud

Access Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Quickbooks® and much more without the hassle of individual purchase and management.

Business Essentials

Your Business in the Cloud

Run your small business hassle free.

Simple, reliable and datacenter secure.

Quickbook, Microsoft, Adobe or customized applications.

Virtual 24

Your own Virtual Private Server (VPS)

You can manage or let RAH take manage for you. 

Configurable, vCore, Memory and Storage.

Hardened datacenter ready.

Installed in less than a day. 


Private Access

Your own Server

Lease a Dell server in our hardened and secure datacenter.

Configured to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Be your own system admin or let RAH manage for you.   


A minority owned company 

RAH clients attest to our personalized support from our experienced US based support team. We built our business and reputation over the last 15 years in this area, investing heavily to make sure our customers experience predictability, stability, reliablity and security.  Customer protection is paramount and our multi node redundancy architecture is our key to eliminate single points of failure and our Tier3 Datacenter offers a 99.982% uptime rating. Daily Veeam (best in the industry) backup ensure disaster recovery protection, should it be needed, and our Fortinet protection servers provide real time – front line – monitoring from hackers and bad actors. Power generators and dual power distribution guard against power outage and finally we are backed up via generators to help protect against a power blackout.

Our staff are proud of our products and datacenter and are always happy to provide more details.

Small business and enthusiasts ready

The popularity of clients and businesses adopting cloud solutions is exciting.  RAH, for 15 years has been a leader in cloud-based products to serve this growing need.  RAH cloud solutions range from single / multi user users accounts/logins (ex: accountants on Quickbooks), to access to a virtual server for small businesses wanting the flexibility to manage their own environment, to leasing a physical servers that you own and manage.  Cloud hosting eliminates expensive hardware, licensing, cybersecurity protection and backup at a fraction of the cost.  The Covid pandemic brought forth a “new normal” where RAH is supporting the small businesses teams who are moving from a fixed location to a more flexible and remote environment.

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Any Device

Access from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Data Sharing

Share files and folders with multiple users and groups. 

Work Remotely

Make it easy, manage your business from anywhere

Secure & Safe

No worries, the RAH hosting support team manages day-to-day security, backup and server management seamlessly


Tier 3 Datacenter protection and failover achitecture we consider best in the industry

Cloud Configurable

Windows, Linux or Mac OS application, DOS.  Your choice!

Remote Hands

Let RAH get you on the cloud within a day.  Our remote hands will make sure your experience is hassle free and seamless.  

QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Custom Apps & More

Scalable: Single User & Groups to Small Business Ready

US based customer support 24x7

Virtual Machine System Admin Support

15 day free trial!

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